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V.A. – Pop Ambient 2001 [LP+DL]


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While during the 1990s – higher, faster, further! – the straight bass drum has been shooted around the globe, there arose a number of variations of more or less contemplative slow- and sacred music from all kinds of corners at the same time. In a sense, it’s the other side of the medal: Chillout, Lounge, Easy Listening, Trance, Muzak and elevator music, electronic music and intelligent techno… and of course and in particular: Ambient. In classical and new variations.

Beside the constant pushing forward of the so called „Sound Of Cologne“- Minimal Techno in the home of Kompakt, there was also a strong faible for ambient sounds. Not only because of the labels origin and its operator’s preference for the pop music of the 70s and 80s, there was evolving a variety of ambient music, that added the aspect of pop to the confusing diversity of genres during that time. Not pop in the sense of actual classic pop music: Pop in the sense of subculture, of Pop Art and, first and foremost, in the sense of pop as an attitude. This was how Pop Ambient was launched and the way it established its own authentic music with a high recognition value. Pop Ambient is indulging the beauty and the timelessness. Pop Ambient is a sonic cosmos of attitude for itself and has no fears of contact with adjoining genres nor with kitsch, art or carnival. It’s ambient if you do it nevertheless.